IT buying consultant

Be introduced to the right IT service provider – when do you need that the most?

I must start my project immediately

because my recruitment didn’t work out or I have no time to recruit because of my deadlines

I’m going to work with a Polish subcontractor for a first time

and don’t have much time to analyze portfolio and capacity of my subcontractor, especially I know about them only things I can browse on the web

So I need all the information now

that’s why I would be glad if someone could bring all sensitive and important factors related to cooperation with my future subcontractor to me before the project start

See the the process below

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1 Match-Making

2 Due Diligence

3 Introduction

You provide me with your requirement details to get the list of potential sub-contractor candidates. I know who has the right people for you, save your time, and let me do searching 

I deliver you detailed information about your subcontractors with the information you won’t find on the web like: current capacity, availability, experience in working with companies from your business sector or country

You point me companies you’d like to be introduced and talk to them without any obligations. Being introduced means also better agreement conditions

4 No-cost service

If you choose your perfect fit for the services you need, I’m getting out of sight. You will sign the contract directly with your chosen company. They are paying for being in my network

5 Direct agreement

There are no financial obligation related to my services if you choose to work with one of my networked companies. My network consist of 92 proven IT enterprises I’ve trained as a sales coach

6 Further collaboration

Need more IT service providers – don’t hesitate to contact and recommend me to your friends ;). It’s always for free and always with information you won’t access by yourselves

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Main technologies available in my network

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Polish IT market

IT Companies according to LinkedIn

Software Development Companies

Companies Listed on

Mobile App Development

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What information should I bring?

  • What kind of services is needed? in ex. hiring external team, hiring a specific specialist, web app development services etc.
  • What kind of experience level is required: junior, regular, senior?
  • What kind of project you have to do: to be done from scratch, development of new features, usage of someone’s ready-existing product?
  • What kind of technologies you demand: Python, Keras, Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, React Navite, React.JS, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Java, MongoDB, Postgresql, others?
  • What kind of competences are you looking for: machine learning, wireless connectivity, AR, VR, blockchain?
  • When do you need to start?
  • What hourly rates can you accept?
  • Will there be any detailed process  of choosing your partner?
  • Any test tasks to do?

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Dobrosław Duszyński

Who is Dobro Duszyński


  • Independent IT buying consultant
  • Owner and Founder at SalesMeUp, CEO at AutomateMeUp and Sales Director at Zaven Sp. z o. o.
  • The youngest head of sales in the history of Better Software Group where he was acquiring contracts from Swedish clients who were offering advanced IoT solutions 
  • IT services sales expert – Scandinavian countries, Netherlands, Germany, UK

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